Fine Sapphire Turf in South West Sydney

For a beautiful lawn with a magnificent deep green colour, we recommend our Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo turf. Bred specially to produce a finer leaf than Sir Walter.

Buffalo Turf

Buffalo turf is often thought of as having a wide and broad leaf, but we've chosen to grow the excellent Sapphire turf variety that has a finer leaf than most Buffalo varieties, yet still performs better.

Our Sapphire Soft
Leaf Buffalo

Has a fine leaf (even finer than Sir Walter Grass) that also tends to fold naturally in half to give the appearance of an even finer grass. It has a lovely soft texture that feels luxurious underfoot, which makes the perfect grass to lounge about on during summer!


Despite its fine and elegant appearance, Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo is a very tough, hard-wearing and versatile form of Buffalo, which prospers in full sun, yet also performs well in more shaded areas.

Sir Walter Comparison

Sapphire is deeper rooted grass than Sir Walter which makes it, based on University testing, a more drought and shade tolerant lawn. Specially bred from Sir Walter, Sapphire is a finer leaf than Sir Walter grass and is easier to maintain.

Sapphire's Best Use

Gardens made from Sapphire turf tolerate significant wear, so this is an ideal variety for families who spend a lot of time in their yard.

This turf can withstand BBQs, sports, fun and games, and still maintain its full appearance and gorgeous deep green colour.

It is also a very low-maintenance turf that requires less watering and mowing, giving you more time to enjoy it!

Outstanding Quality

The key qualities of our Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo:
  • Low maintenance
  • Requires minimal watering and mowing
  • Excellent at out-competing weeds, once established
  • Grows quickly across the ground and recovers quickly from wear
  • Excellent winter colour
  • Drought tolerant due to its deep root system
  • Fine, soft texture which makes it comfortable to walk on barefoot
  • Specially bred in Australia to improve on other Buffalo varieties (Bred from Sir Walter)
  • More resistant to diseases than some other Buffalo varieties

Proven Quality

When tested by the Department of Primary Industry and Horticulture Australia, their research showed why Sapphire turf is such a quality product:
  • Highest scores in shade tolerance data (University testing against Sir Walter and other grasses)
  • Does well in full sun and can tolerate significant wear
  • Less thatch
  • Excellent heat and humidity tolerance
  • 2007 data showed the best rating in summer of all seven Buffalo types tested (lasted for 30 days with no watering)
  • Although regular Buffalo contains seeds that can cause allergy, Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo produces 39% less seed than the average popular Buffalo type

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo is perfect for the Australian climate and is the only Australian-bred Buffalo that is competing well in the American market.

Quality Turfing is proud to be the only registered Sapphire grower in the Macarthur area, so if you decide this is the right turf for you, you can be sure that our Sapphire turf is as good as you can get.

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